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Mick Stanic
Founder // Technology Evangelist // Digital Communications Architect

In early 2005, Mick founded principius to provide a resource for companies to have access to someone who believes that the technologies of not only today, but tomorrow can make a big difference in both our private and public lives. He has gathered this passion through working in the technology, internet and multimedia industry since the early 1990's - long before websites, online advertising and the rise and fall of the dot-com phenomenon.

In the first half of the 1990s Mick ran Splatt Technologies, a company which offered innovative technical consultancy and solutions to many organisations in the areas of computer training, visualization/virtual reality and the use of the internet. One of his prime roles during that time (and one that he has continued throughout his career) was in providing a technology future-casting service to companies already considered as leading edge in their use of technology.

From 1995 onward, Mick has held a number of positions (including: designer, programmer, producer/project manager, Technical Director and Executive Producer amongst others) for a number of leading Australian multimedia/internet/technology based companies such as Singleton OgilvyInteractive, Next Online, HotHouse Interactive, Capital PR, Australian Business Theatre, Caged Productions (archived site), Virtual Realm Xchange (archive) and the Australian Military.

Over the years, Mick has worked with a number of Australia's largest organisations not only on the creation of quite often their first web presence but also in helping them to see how technology can be used to communicate with customers, staff, partners and their suppliers. Some of these clients have included the Australian Federal and NSW Government, AAMI, AGL, American Express, Australia Post, BP, British American Tobacco, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Eclipse Computing, Fuji Zerox, Goodman Fielder, HCF, Hyundai, ING Direct, IBM, James Hardie, Kimberly Clarke, KFC, LG Electronics, McDonalds, MLC, Myer, Nestle, Nokia, Philips Australia, QANTAS, SOCOG, Swatch, Sydney University, Telstra, Unilever, Vodafone and Westpac.

During his time working in the internet industry, Mick has been instrumental in creating a number of large online based projects which have often been Australian firsts, including a youth entertainment portal, a communities web site (free email, free homepages, discussion boards and chat boards), an electronic software distribution and sales portal, an mp3 and video archive site and a large web based data-mining application. He has also created numerous CDROM's, which have required the introduction of new technologies into the Australian market such as the Apple Quicktime VR package.

Prior to starting principius, Mick's most recent role as Executive Producer at one of Australia's leading interactive firms, Singleton OgilvyInteractive, involved the day-to-day management and co-ordination of all the interactive disciplines including producers, programmers and designers. He provided both interactive knowledge and technical strategy in the areas of digital communication/marketing to Singleton OgilvyOne (SOO) and Singleton Ogilvy & Mather (SOM) as well as managing the relationship with OgilvyInteractive offices worldwide and other STW Group companies including STW Digital.

The largest challenge during his last 12 months at Ogilvy, saw Mick lead the development of digital signage in retail environments for Telstra Shops, a major client of Singleton's. His work on digital signage in Australia has led him to being called one of Australias leading authorities in this space and the work done for Telstra Shops has been presented to Ogilvy offices around the world including New York, where it was heralded as having amazing insight into the future of consumer marketing techniques.

Mick is a founding member of the Virtual Reality Association of Australia (1993) and a member of the Internet Society of Australia and the Australian Interactive Multimedia Industry Association (AIMIA). He is also a vocal member of a number of local and international technology discussion groups. Over the last 15 years he has often been asked to provide internet related information and sound-bites to all of the major Australian newspapers as well as a number of Australia's major online technology and internet web sites. He has also spoken at a variety of Australian conferences on the internet, technology and marketing over the years and is available to present at events or to your company/team/client on request.

He is a well respected blogger, with "SplaTTs Blog" having a readership of over 15,000 unique readers each month. Since November 2004 he has been instrumental in developing and co-hosting Australias first podcast, Gday World and in Februaury of 2005 launched the worlds first dedicated podcasting network with the obvious name of, The Podcast Network. :)

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